HEC Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) 2023

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USAT stands for Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT), which is organized by the Education Testing Council (ETC), a testing company controlled by HEC. The USAT is a subject-specific test based on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) pattern and covers various disciplines, including Engineering, Allied Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Information Technology (IT), and Management Sciences at the undergraduate entry level. The test is acceptable all across Pakistan and aims to provide a national undergraduate test that is equally accepted by all higher education institutions.

Introduction to HEC-USAT: A National Undergraduate Admission Test in Pakistan

Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan is a national institution responsible for conducting and monitoring higher education activities across the country. One of the major initiatives taken by HEC is the introduction of the Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) – a pre-admission test for students entering undergraduate programs in Pakistan.


The USAT was introduced to address the confusion caused by the various undergraduate eligibility tests (NAT, ECAT, MDCAT, NET, etc.) being taken across Pakistan. With different universities accepting different admission tests, students had to attempt multiple tests to secure admission in the universities of their choice. The USAT aims to provide a single test that is accepted by all higher education institutions in Pakistan, making it easier for students to apply to multiple universities with a single test score.

USAT Categories (Subjects)

Six topic combinations make up the USAT, which is used to evaluate students based on their prior credentials.. These categories are USAT-E, USAT-M, USAT-A, USAT-CS, USAT-GS, and USAT-Com.

Who can apply for USAT?

Candidates who have passed HSSC or equivalent exams are eligible to apply for USAT. Candidates who have appeared in final exams but are awaiting results can also apply before the announcement of final results.

USAT Paper Pattern

The USAT is a multiple-choice test with subject-related, English, and reasoning questions. The test is scored out of 100, with a minimum passing mark of 50%. Candidates who score above 50 out of 100 are considered as test qualified or passed.

How to Apply for USAT?

To apply for USAT, candidates need to fill the online application form and submit the test fee. A complete video tutorial demonstrating the USAT application and fee submission process is available on the HEC website.


The USAT has become the first step towards higher education in Pakistan. The initiative taken by HEC has not only simplified the admission process for students but has also made it easier for universities to evaluate student eligibility. The USAT has successfully achieved its purpose of providing a national undergraduate admission test that is equally accepted by all higher education institutions in Pakistan.

Last Date : 10 May 2023

Test Date: 28 May 2023

HEC Undergraduate Studies Admission Test USAT 2023
HEC Undergraduate Studies Admission Test USAT 2023

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