Top 10 Electric Heater in Pakistan 2024

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While there’s no single “top 10” that fits everyone’s needs, here are some highly-rated electric heaters in Pakistan for 2024, categorized by type:

Convection Heaters:

  1. Orient Comfort Plus Heater: Known for its large heating area, adjustable thermostat, and energy-saving features.
  2. Crown Supreme Ceramic Heater: Features ceramic heating elements for fast and even heat distribution, along with safety features like tip-over switch.
  3. Haier Eco Star Heater: Boasts eco-friendly inverter technology for energy efficiency and quiet operation.

Radiant Heaters:

  1. Nova Quartz Plus Heater: Popular for its quick heating ability and targeted warmth, perfect for personal spaces.
  2. Singer Crystal Glow Heater: Offers dual heating elements and adjustable settings for versatile heating.
  3. Dawlance Infrared Tower Heater: Features a stylish design with adjustable height and oscillation for wider coverage.

Oil-filled Radiators:

  1. PEL Classic Oil Radiator: Reliable and efficient, providing long-lasting warmth and silent operation.
  2. Neel Symphony Oil Radiator: Equipped with multiple safety features and adjustable power settings for optimal comfort.
  3. Super Asia Eco Radiator: Energy-efficient option with automatic temperature control and extended heat retention.

Fan Heaters:

  1. National Ceramic Fan Heater: Combines ceramic heating elements for instant warmth with a fan for rapid air circulation.
  2. Alpha Turbo Fan Heater: Powerful and compact, ideal for quick bursts of heat in small spaces.
  3. Istar Compact Fan Heater: Affordable and portable, offering adjustable settings and overheat protection.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Hitachi Quartz Box Heater: Efficient and stylish, known for its high durability and safety features.
  • Sinbo Quartz Heater: Portable and budget-friendly, good for personal heating requirements.
  • Panasonic Fan Electric Heater: Offers advanced features like automatic oscillation and humidity control.


  • Choose the type of heater best suited to your needs and room size.
  • Consider wattage, features, energy efficiency, and user reviews before buying.
  • Prioritize safety by choosing ISI-certified models and using them responsibly.

By considering these factors and exploring the options mentioned above, you can find the perfect electric heater for your needs in Pakistan in 2024!

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